Pablo Polledri is an independent filmmaker that enjoys carrying out all processes necessary to develop his creations. He has independently done several short films that have been exhibited worldwide.
He currently works as a freelance animator, motion graphics designer and illustrator for brands and studios across a wide range of media, including film, television, mapping projection, advertising and web content.


Loop (2021)
Bon Appetit (2017)

Corp (2016)
Synecdoche (2014)
Mr. Gutierrez (2013)
Moments (2012)
The Candidate (2012)
Apple Pie (2011)
The God Machine (2011)
Aversion (2010)
Repulse (2010)
Essence (2009)
Tobacco-western (2009)
The half of Love (2008)
Too Late for Tears (2007)
Remembering (2007)
The Sinners (2007)
Ella (2006)
The Last Trip (2006)
Resignation (2003)
Sharp Destiny (2003)

Festival Caóstica 2021 (Animation mention)
Premio Quirino (Mejor Diseño de Sonido y Música )
Festival Inter. del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano (Best Animation), Cuba

Enmut 2016 (Best Script), Spain
Catacumba (Public Prize), Spain
Animakon Fest (Innovation Award) Spain
Festival Internacional de Cine de Pehuajo (Best Nacional film), Argentina
Festival La Fila (best animation), Spain
Uncipar (Premio RAFMA best shortfilm), Argentina
Uncipar (Premio ACCA best shortfilm), Argentina
Corti a Ponte (best animation), Italia
Promofest – short of the year (Special Mention), Spain
Festival de Cine Político – (Special Jury prize) Argentina
Festival Internacional de Cine de Derechos Humanos (CINEAR prize to the best film), Argentina
TAFFNY2017 – AMERICAS FILM FESTIVAL NY (Best animated shortfilm) USA
Caostica (Best Animation) Spain
XVI edition of Euganea Film Festival (Jury Special Mention), Italy
XIII MARFICI – Best Film, Argentina
VI Gioiosa in Corto – Best Animation, Italy
2° Canal de Panamá International Film Festival – Best Animation, Panama
Carton 2017 – Special Mention Colectivo Cartón, Argentina
24º Festival de Cine Latinoamericano Rosario – Cinemateca Prize to the Best educational short film, Argentina
FesticineKids 19, Special Mention Adults Jury, Colombia
FesticineKids 19, Special Mention Kids Jury, Colombia
Shorts México, Best Ibero-American Animation, Mexico
Novara Cine Festival 2017, Best Animation, Italy
Sapporo International Short Film Festival & Market, Best Animation, Japan
Maipu Cortos, Public Prize, Argentina
Maipu Cortos, Jury Mention, Argentina
BAF – Brasilia Animation Festival, Best Film, Brasil
Festival Internacional del Cortometraje FIC ESMI, 2ª Jury Mention, Argentina
Buffalo International Film Festival, Best Animation, USA
Arte Nonstop Festival, Special Mention, Argentina
9°Festival Provincial de Cine Mirada Oeste, Mención del Jurado, Argentina
9°Festival Provincial de Cine Mirada Oeste, Mención de Prensa, Argentina
Trani Film Festival, Best Animation, Italy
Novara Cine Festival, Best Animation, Italy
Pantalla Latina 2017, Public Prize, Suiza
The carrboro film festival, Best Animation, USA
Festival Internacional De Cine De Latinoamericano Latium, Best Animation, México
Multivision Festival, Special Mention for the Best social animation, Russia
El Ventilador 2018 Mejor Corto Nacional Argentina
El Ventilador 2018 Mejor Corto RAFMA Argentina
Festival de Cine de Chascomús Mejor Animación Argentina
Brazilian International Labour Film Festival / Mostra CineTrabalho (Workers of the World Award) Brasil
Atami Film & VR Festival (Best Animation Award) Japón
7mo Festival Nacional de Cine Leonardo Favio en Bolívar (Mención Especial del Jurado) Argentina
7mo Festival Nacional de Cine Leonardo Favio en Bolívar (Mención Especial Centro Cultural Recoleta) Argentina
Pizza, Birra y Cortos 2018 (Mejor Cortometraje) Argentina
9° Festival Cinematográfico «Visión Ribereña» (Mejor Cortometraje) Argentina
9° Festival Cinematográfico «Visión Ribereña» (Mención Mejor Animación) Argentina
9° Festival Cinematográfico «Visión Ribereña» (Mención Mejor Guión) Argentina
Festival Nacional de Cortometrajes de Ranelagh – Cine Bajo la Luna» (Mejor Cortometraje) Argentina
TAFIC / festival internacional de cine de tapiales (Mejor Animación) Argentina
Festival Itinerante De Cine del Tolima Ve y se Ve (Mención de Honor a mejor película de cortometraje Internacional de Genero suspenso» Colombia
FICA (Mejor Corto) Brasil
Festival VideoBabel 2019 (Mejor Animación Latinoamericana) Perú
Noche de Monos (2º Premio) Chile
CINEMINUTO CÓRDOBA 2019 (Premio Rafma) Argentina
FIC ESMI (Primera Mención) Argentina
Festival Cartón (Mejor Microcorto Argentino) Argentina
Fesaalp (Mejor corto minuto) Argentina
UNICA (Gold Medal & Special Award for Remarkable Sound) Viena
Baix animada (Best Foreign Film) Brasil
Uncipar 2013 – Argentina (Unica Selection)
X Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes FENACO Lambayeque Perú 2013 (2 Best International Animation) Peru
Uy Festival 2013 (Mención Especial) Colombia
Notodofilmfest 9 (Mención Especial) Spain
Notodofilmfest 9 (Best Latinoamerican film) Spain
Carton 3 (Best flash film) Argentina
Premio Audiovisual a la producción Audiovisual – Animación (1 Prize) Argentina
Mirada Oeste (Best Film and Public Prize) Argentina
Tandil Cine (Best Film) Argentina
Pizza Birra y Cortos 7º (Best Animation) Argentina.
Malcine (Specil Mention) Uruguay
Tandil Cortos 8 (2° Best animation) Argentina
A Caverna (1° Mention) Brasil
Tandil Cortos 8 (2 lugar video minuto) Argentina
Cortoons 2008 (Best Flash Animation) Italy
Notodofilmfest 5 (Best Animation Film) Spain
Animatu (Best 2D animation) Portugal
ACAT Festicurts (Best Animation) Spain
Golosina Visual 05 (2° place) Mexico
Intermón Oxfam (2° place) Spain
Tandil 7 (2° place) Argentina
Cine/Corto Tapiales (Best Animation) Argentina
Cartón 2011 (Flash IDAC prize) Argentina
1 Festival Internacional de Cortos Olavarría 2007 (Special Mention) Argentina
Concurso Nacional de Cine y Video Independiente/Cipolletti 2011 (Public Prize) Argentina
Premio Audiovisual a la producción Audiovisual – Animación (1° Mentión) Argentina
Notodofilmfest 6 (Special Mention) Spain
Nontzeflash 2007 (2 place) Spain,
Cortoons 2007 (Best Animation) Italy
FestiFreak (1° prize – best Animation) Argentina
2º Festival de Marcos Juárez 2007‏ (Public prizee) Argentina,
Fejorel (Jury Mention) Argentina
1er Festival Internacional de Cine de Gualeguaychú (Jury Mention) Argentina
Uncipar 2008 (Best Animation) Argentina
Canal (á) (Cortoscopia Prize) Latinoamerica
Maipu Cortos (Jury Mention), Argentina
Cortopolis (Jury Mention) Argentina
Bivi H (2° place) Argentina
Tapiales (Jury Mention) Argentina
Pizza,birra y cortos 4º (Best Animation) Argentina
Tandil Cortos 6 (Jury Mention) Argentina,
Mirada en Cortos ((Jury Mention) Argentina,
Festival al Extremo (Best Animation) Argentina
Golosina Visual 04 (3° place) Mexico
Casertanimata (Best short movie realized with Flash) Italy
Festival Internacional del Nuevo Cine Latinoamericano (3º Coral Prize) La Habana, Cuba
La Pedrera (Jury Mention) Uruguay
Caostica (Jury Mention) Spain

+ Retrospective in Festival Cartón 2019, Argentine.
+ Retrospective in Anima Latina 2017, Argentine.
+ Retrospective in Festival Cortoons, Italy
+ Retrospective in Maipu Cortos, Argentine.
+ Nominated for Condor de Plata 2018, Argentine
+ Juror at Anima Latina 2018
+ Juror at Festival de la Havana 2017
+ Juror at Maipu Cortos 2017
+ Animation Class in Animatu, Portugal.
+ Selected for Saatchi & Saatchi ad agency from London for the «Saatchi & Saatchi New Directors’ Showcase 2008» presented in Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival.
+ Selected by Shots Magazine from London to the edition: New Director 2007 – Rest of World.